Applying for a Rental Property

Stepping into your first rental property and not sure what to expect? Follow our simple steps to guide you through this exciting journey! 

1. Determine your budget 

Before you start looking at rental properties, you should determine a realistic budget. Spend a month or two putting away money for rent, power and water and any other bills that you might face. This will help you budget your spending’s accordingly and ensure you still have enough money to pay for the occasional Friday night drink or take-away Chinese! 

2. List down the areas you want to live in 

Think about your top suburbs to live in, then think about your budget. Chances are your first, second or even third choice will be out of budget. If you're looking for inner city living for example, you may have to settle for a location 15-20 minute away from the CBD to get in your price range. But who's to say you won't find your perfect rental home in your ideal location? Don't be afraid to really shop around and do some digging. 


3. Jump online 

Now you have a realistic budget and various locations in mind, jump online and see what real estate is available for rent. You can view all of our current rental properties here. Compare your budget and suburb choices against the property market. If you're struggling to find the perfect place, you might need to re-think the features you want in your home. Do you really need a pool or a large backyard? On the other hand, you may be surprised at what current rental prices are. Maybe you can have that outdoor entertaining area or the extra study. 

4. Arrange for a time to inspect the property 

You should find inspection times allocated for each rental property along with contact details for the property manager. If you are unable to attend the inspection for any reason, get in touch with the property manager to arrange a viewing at a more suitable time. 

5. Complete the application process 

Once you have found your perfect rental home, get started on the application process. Bear in mind that you may not be the only person applying for this property - meaning the sooner you get it done the better your odds become! Return your forms along with a copy of your ID and proof of employment. 

6. Now we wait... 

While this waiting period may feel like a never-ending wait, remember that good things take time! Typically, a reference check and an approval from the landlord is required. This can take anywhere from two days to two weeks so don't lose hope if things are sounding a little quiet. 

7. The congratulations call! 

Hooray - the wait is finally over and you're ready to dive into your new rental property! Your property manager will arrange a suitable time for you to pick up your keys, sign the lease and welcome you to your new home. It's now time to settle in but remember, it is a rental (so don't go too crazy).