Styling Your Home to Sell in Seconds!

For most people, turning to the internet is the very first step when they're looking to buy a home. Studies have shown that most purchaser have already decided whether or not they want to buy a property, prior to actually viewing it in real life. This means that top notch professional photography is a must if you're wanting to sell your home in a flash! Knowing these styling tips before the photographer arrives will set ideal scenes and let your home shine above the rest.

 1. Add a touch of luxury 
Your ultimate goal is to receive the highest amount for your home as possible. To increase your odds of achieving this, make your home look expensive. You want potential buyers to feel like your property is worth spending their hard earned money on in comparison to hundreds of other homes on the market. Believe it or not, adding touches of luxury boosts the price tag of your property. Display soaps, lotions and bath essentials in fancy dispensers, show off high-end perfume and use rose gold plates for your items to sit on. If you're using fancy labels, show them off! Potted plants and flowers will also add a touch of freshness and as a money saving trick, opt for fake ones (the difference can't be seen through photos). 

2. Don't follow the cliché road
When it comes to kitchens, the combination of wine and cheese on the bench is well-overused and outdated! Be different and think of other ideas to add colour such as fresh fruit, baked goods or flowers. Be sure to reflect your home in the best way possible and create an ideal ambiance through your photos. Have minimal appliances on your benchtop if any to avoid a feeling of clutter and mess. If you're going for a homey look, a casserole on the stove will display this perfectly. 


5. Say goodbye to perfectionism! 
There is a difference between making your space look stylish and making it look too overdone. You want to find the perfect balance between high-end and lived-in. To do this, you need to refrain from aligning your items precisely. Shake up your cushions a little and scrunch your towels in slightly. Perfectly aligned furniture can make a room look strict, formal and intimidating. Try having one mismatched pillow on your bed or couch that's fluffed awkwardly - it makes for a far more inviting look. 

3. Make your living area cosy & inviting 
Add elements of cosy-ness and warmth by incorporating items such as cushions and light throws - if you're located in the NT, don't go too overboard (we all know it's much too hot to be rugging up on the lounge). Be strategic with your choice of home décor by making it look casual and homey. You want your buyer to imagine themselves in this space, turning it into their home. 


4. Style your table like you're a Pinterest Queen
Three to four hardcover books stacked on your coffee table will work wonders! Bump it up by adding an artsy display or small bunch of flowers on top of the books and match this with other decorative items such as vases bottles or mugs. Choosing one group of glasses or similar coloured items look amazing on tables regardless of size or design. Stick to one colour pallet to leave a harmonious, polished look to your room. If you’re struggling for ideas or need some inspiration, Pinterest is your answer! 


6. Turn your lights on
There's nothing worse than a photo with bad lighting - especially when this photo has the power to sell your home. Even if photographs are being taken in broad daylight, turning the lights on can add a luminous effect to your space and create a welcoming mood. The photo above shows exactly how slight twinkles in your roof can make a great difference!